Featured Panelists

Jun Liu
Tax and Customs Technology

Sheryl Bennett-Holland
Systems Analyst Lead

Ryan Meas
Manager, Sales and Use Tax

Starbucks Webcast: A Tax Success Story

See how Starbucks overcame their complexities with Vertex.

Watch Starbucks engage in an in-depth discussion about Vertex® Indirect Tax O Series®. Members of the Starbucks Tax team explore how they alleviated pain points and realized company wide financial and process benefits. They will take you through the entire process; from initial research to implementation including their ERP upgrade and multiple country rollouts.

This webcast will address:

  • Reduced internal control risk
  • Created processes that are more flexible and scalable
  • Achieved accurate accounting for tax
  • Reduced potential tax error risk
  • Reduced the need for new headcount to support manual processes as business continues to grow

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